Our Values

Reciprocity and generosity: We strive to always give more than we take.

Primacy of the commons: We believe in stewardship not ownership.

Direct democracy: We create participatory decision-making and non-hierarchical social structures.

Local resilience: We create cooperatively-owned economic engines and work towards bio-regional self-sufficiency.

Ecological symbiosis: We work in dialogue and in service to Gaia, asking for permission, living in offering, and focusing on biomimetic and regenerative approaches to life.

Empathy and solidarity: We do not create community to distance ourselves from the struggles of our brothers and sisters around the world, but rather to engage constructively in providing a living example of what the Earth needs.

Divine Play: We hold the highest aim of doing this work while remaining in a state of presence and play.

Bhuh Hum: We aim to live in constant awareness of our oneness with Gaia and we strive to create an upward spiral of generation and regeneration, where life reinforces life and builds upon itself towards a greater awareness. (Our internal mantra, Bhuh Hum, is Sanskrit for Earth I Am.)