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Her. A Men's Retreat

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The initial wounding of the masculine and feminine can be traced back to the creation story in the garden of Eden. From this initial fracture, our separation from Nature, the source which sustains us, has rippled out to our modern-day reality. This imbalance has contributed to overarching structures of the patriarchy, capitalism and inequality which permeates our culture.

For generations, cultural and societal beliefs have deprived men of their true essence. The patriarchy has robbed the masculine of his creative expression, brotherhood, authentic relationships, safety, connection and most importantly, love. In today’s reality, old-paradigm role models such as Hollywood moguls, politicians & religious leaders are tumbling off their pedestals for their toxic masculine behaviors.

This reality moves us to investigate and refine parts of ourselves to make space for a deeper connection to the feminine aspects both within us and outside of us, to find and restore the balance. Now is the time to ask ourselves the deeper questions around what it means to be a man. Now is the time to shed our old conditioning and beliefs to establish new role models and support structures. It is time for us to re-evaluate how we can show up in service to ourselves, each other and our planet.


This retreat is for men who feel called to rise and step into a new narrative around masculinity, brotherhood and shared purpose. Men who are ready to share their gifts and wisdom while being open to grow and learn from other men in a container of brotherhood.



HER. is a men’s retreat in honour of the feminine creation principle. This 5-day immersive experience in the jungle of Costa Rica is crafted with intention and just enough structure to allow for emergence. While the experience is hosted and curated by transformational coach Alain Lagger, each participant will have the opportunity to share their gifts and wisdom with the other men in the group. We are all masters and students at the same time and by sharing our unique individual gifts combined we rise higher than we ever could on our own.

Together we will take this intentionally crafted journey to identify and shift non-serving patterns, choose gentleness over force, compassion over aggression, devotion over objectification and vulnerability over impenetrability.

Unleash your creativity and full expression to reclaim the creator seat in all areas of your life. This retreat is designed to have you experience unexplored facets of your expression as a man.

Experience the majesty and mystery of the jungle, rewild your senses, sharpen your intuition and instincts through an initiation in the jungle led by Costa Rica’s premier survival expert, Alberto Lopez.  Alberto will teach you how to build a fire, find water, forage food, navigate the jungle and set up camp for an overnight in the wild.

Deepen your personal practice through breathwork and meditation to cultivate your energy and use it to manifest your dreams led by practitioner, Johann Urb.

Empower yourself with knowledge about our shared purpose at this stage of our collective evolution. Guest speaker Alnoor Ladha, Executive Director of The Rules, will share on sacred activism.

As we create the container for this powerful work together expect emergence and surprises beyond your wildest imagination. The world needs strong balanced men now more than ever.



The jungle is mysterious, collaborative, interconnected and regenerative, mirroring our true essence. We are nature. This retreat is taking place in the jungle at Brave Earth, a living laboratory for regeneration and co-evolution with Nature. This alternative community, regenerative farm and healing arts center is nestled amidst the jungle, thermal pools and cloud forest.

The living lab is located on the northwestern Caribbean slope of Costa Rica, about 2.5 hours from San Jose. We have created a 280-acre commons nestled between the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, one of the largest protected regions of rainforest north of the Amazon, and Volcano Arenal, which many consider to be the spiritual center of Costa Rica.

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Retreat: July 2- July 8 2019


Luna Suites (private room/bathroom)

Single occupancy $3,100

Double occupancy $2,800

Gaia Domes/ Adobe Tambos (private room/shared bathroom)

Single occupancy $2,900

Double occupancy $2,600

Contribution includes:

  • Accommodations 5 days, 6 nights

  • Transfers to and from San Jose (SJO) airport

  • All meals on and off-site

  • All tours and excursions on and off-site

  • More!

Airfare not included

To learn more about our accommodations please click here.

To keep the experience intimate, there are limited spots available for this retreat. A deposit of $200 is required to secure your place. Please email Balance is due 14 days prior to the retreat. No refunds.

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