• Finca Luna Nueva (map)
  • Costa Rica

We would like to invite you to join us for a one-of-a-kind biomimicry immersion at Finca Luna Nueva on Oct 6-11, 2018. Finca Luna Nueva, rated one of the top ten ecolodges in Costa Rica, is a living classroom, regenerative farm and recreational paradise located near the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and Arenal Volcano National Park.


The purpose of this six-day, five night biomimicry immersion will be to:

  • Bring together some of the leading biomimicry thinkers and practitioners to reconnect with one another and to share their ideas and work

  • Explore the design challenge: "How would nature design an inclusive, regenerative community?"


A diverse group of  change-makers, artists, creative innovators, activists and thought leaders  from around the globe are creating a model for community in service of regenerative living and co-evolution with nature on the adjacent property, Brave Earth (Tierra Valiente). Community is an ecosystem and Brave Earth offers an opportunity to create a healthy human ecosystem using nature as the model. The architecture, infrastructure, and even the social systems such as governance, will be based on biomimicry and Life's Principles. The intention is to create a model of what is possible to inspire and inform an alternative way of living that is regenerative and conducive to life.  

Our intention at Brave Earth is to implement the biomimetic design interventions as we build creating the first collaboratively designed biomimetic community. The initial concepts for the community have been designed by a biomimicry architect from South Africa but there is still much to be explored and integrated.

Another outcome of the immersion will be to collectively publish the work we do together to educate and inspire others to think about how biomimicry can be used to not only design the architecture, living systems for food, water, waste, energy but also the governance of human systems.

We hope you will consider being a part of this groundbreaking immersion experience. Attached is some additional information. There is no fee for this event but we are asking participants to cover their own costs.  Each participant is encouraged (but not required) to prepare a 30-minute presentation about their biomimicry work to share with the group to create opportunities for cross pollination :)