Immerse yourself in the rainforest of Costa Rica for a 10 day workshop withDomegaia and learn how to build a sustainable, resilient, low-cost, beautiful dome structure.

Domegaia are the pioneers of AirCrete, a lightweight, non-toxic building material that is easy and inexpensive to make. Using this building material and their methodology they have created beautiful, low-cost, dome structures that are waterproof, fireproof, termite proof, rot proof, insulated, eco friendly, and resilient against the forces of earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

In their hands-on, immersive 10 day workshop, you will learn how to:

- Join your hands and heart in a joyous team effort
- Make AirCrete with Domegaia's unique tools
- Make forms for blocks, archways and round windows
- Build a dome using a compass arm
- Build an archway
- Build a fabric formed single-pour round window
- Build a solid wood oval door
- Build a multi-faceted cupola skylight
- And more! 

This workshop is hosted by Brave Earth (Tierra Valiente), a regenerative biosphere located in the rainforest near Volcano Arenal in Costa Rica. A living laboratory in service to regenerative living and co-evolution with Nature, the location is a treasure of biodiversity located amidst endless tropical rainforests and world-class, natural thermal baths.

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