HER. is a 5-day retreat for men in honor of the divine feminine. This experience takes place in the Costa Rican jungle hosted and curated by life coach, Alain Lagger.

Together we will take this intentionally crafted journey to identify and shift non-serving patterns, choose gentleness over force, compassion over aggression, devotion over objectification and vulnerability over impenetrability.

Unleash your creativity and full expression to reclaim the creator seat in all areas of your life. This retreat is designed to have you experience unexplored facets of your expression.

Experience the majesty and mystery of the jungle, rewild your senses, sharpen your intuition and instincts through an initiation in the jungle led by Costa Rica’s premier survival expert, Alberto Lopez.

Deepen your personal practice through breath work, meditation & ritual to cultivate your energy and use it to manifest your dreams led by practitioner, Johann Urb.

Empower yourself with knowledge about our shared purpose at this stage of our collective evolution. Guest speaker Alnoor Ladha, Executive Director of The Rules, will share on sacred activism.

As we create the sacred container for this powerful work together expect emergence and surprises beyond your wildest imagination. The world needs strong balanced men now more than ever.

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